Friday, August 12, 2011

Mega Size Zaku vs Tako (Straight Build) ~~

AFTER A LONG WAIT! This is going to be a GUNPLA post!


It's by me, Tako! Not Ren. (I hope that I won't hear sighs of disappointment)

Listening to both Tsukinari-san’s and Chubbybots-san's advices and encouragement; I had started on “Mega-Size Zaku II vs Tako” battle.

As mentioned before, I am scared of ugly nubs.

When runners are huge, it can be a good thing, but can be equally bad too.

Good is that, I don’t have to hunt for the runners, the pieces are big enough for me to grab and know instantly that I am holding on to the right runner, instead of trying to locate the alphabets and numbers trying to ensure that I am working on the right one and it is easier to cut too!

Bad is that, for beginners like me, the NUBS! They are glaring! So well, Ren assured me that he will help me clean up the nubs. Thanks, Ren!

Here are the results of battle:-

The specs was there to show the mere size of the leg.
pssst: But well, Ren was shocked at my choice, he asked "who uses specs to show the size.."
He said that I could have used a key. I guess so, but it did not pop to my mind when i was snapping this photo.

Parts in bags, waiting for Ren's touch up work.
look a little like disembered parts to be disposed into some reservoirs or rivers..
tsk tsk. LOL.

Right Fist. But ugly nubs.

Shoulder piece. UGLY NUBS!

One of my favourite part. The shoulder piece. But.. UGLY NUBS attack!

Lower Torso of Zakun. looks not bad, i think. a little self-praising.LOL

Chest of Zakun. looks not bad too.. wait till you see the side-view
Nubs exposed!!

"backpack" exposed! Oh, I did not snap the pieces together because Ren needs to do cleaning up work, so i left the pieces hanging loosely, easier for Ren.

Here are the remnants:-

It looks a little creepy.

My working area:-
A slot between the coffee table and seats in the living room.
Crammed space. So people, appreciate your working desk, okie.

I think I am going to fall in love with Mega-Size Zaku. Will I neglect toyie RX-78?? Hahaha.
Ahhhhhhhhhh~~ my Zakun… (Zaku + “kun” = Zakun)

After making this long and slightly ditsy post, I realized that I am not a person who can write up detailed reviews about the build. So you guys will be missing out on it if you have read this post up till this very sentence. I can keep babbling on..

I am not that organized like Ren who is very detailed. If you are able to look into my brain, you will notice that my thoughts are always very jumbled.

Eh-hem, the result: a blogpost with some babbling. I do miss reading Ren's Gunpla posts.
What I like about Mega-Size?

1. Though am not very versed with mechanics and focus more on outlook. I guess, i like the mere size of a Mega Size. I cannot forget how delighted I was with toyie RX-78.

(nicely tucked in bed - extracted from here)

2. The parts are so much bigger, so it is quite easy to locate the runners and build it. I don't have to worry about some missing parts rolling off under the table or chair. The parts are too big for me to miss out.

3. I JUST LIKE! (I guess this is the best reason. LOL.)

awwwww~~~ my very first Tako-Built Mega-Size!! Zakun!!!
(Don't worry, you will only hear the term "Zakun" from me, Ren will still use the correct name to address it, Mega-Size Char Zaku II. But it's a little mouthful, isn't it? Zakun!)

Tako ('O')x


  1. Nice! Haha glad to see you starting on gunpla again hehe. Zakun is an interesting way to call a zaku haha!!

    How is Ren doing? Miss his post!!

  2. Haha, nub nub is a no no..., one issue is... where to put this Behemoth?? :D

  3. The nub marks are huge due to the sheer size of the gunpla itself. LOL! Detailed review? I would like more of a wacky and fun filled one with a supporting cast. XD

  4. They don't call it mega size for nothing right :D

  5. @chubbybots: Yups, excited with the build but it will take some time before Zakun can be completed. Ren is fine but really busy with work, studies and gunpla. Will nag him to do up a post soon. Hahhahahaa.

    @canopy: The nubs are scary, but well, Ren will do the cleaning up.. LOL. We are planning to place it side-by-side with toyie RX-78.

    @sl619: Mega-size NUBS!!!!!!!

    @h4msterworld: Mega-size gunpla is fun!

    Tako ('O')x